Staff Feature

Spotlight: Dan Jaeger, SE

Dan Jaeger, SE ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL | STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Dan has been with KOMA since 2011. As a structural engineer, he works with architects and clients to help them realize their vision in a smart, effective, and safe way. SIR-REALIST In a nutshell, it’s Dan’s job to take the design dreams of architects (that sometimes stretch […]

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Spotlight: Alisha Simones, AIA

Alisha Simones, AIA ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL | ARCHITECT Alisha began her career at KOMA in 2012 and currently leads the architectural process from ideation to completion for a wide array of projects. CURIOUS THINKER Ever the analyst, Alisha is always striving to understand projects from every angle and figure out the “why, why, why.” She also […]

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