June, 2009 – Eagan, MN – Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, Inc., recently celebrated its continuing involvement with Gopher Resource Corporation and The Recycling Zone at the grand re-opening of the recycling center. Once a facility that recycled only used batteries, the center has had its entire aesthetic reworked by KOMA’s design team, making it more accessible and appealing to customers.

The Recycling Zone has seen a substantial increase in traffic in the past 10 years, with the number of residents delivering materials to the center doubling, and the amount of materials collected tripling. The redesign of the center helps to accommodate these increases while maintaining a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Brady Mueller, AIA, said, “The space needed a significant upgrade in order to make it look and feel more friendly to visitors. We redesigned the signage, so that customers would immediately feel welcomed and have a sense of confidence in the quality of the facility, and then completely revamped the main entrance, the materials-processing area, the customer-service area, and the training and conference spaces.”

The Recycling Zone is located at 3365 Dodd Road in Eagan. More information can be found at www.dakotacounty.us.