Remember those days of career fairs, college applications, and so many big decisions? We do! At Krech, O’Brien, Mueller and Associates (KOMA), we understand what a huge decision it is to choose a college, a major, a career, and the impact one day of being immersed in a real life scenario can have.

That is why we encourage anyone interested in architecture, interior design, or structural engineering to give us a call and come job shadow for a day to see what it’s really all about! We remember what it’s like to be dreaming of what the future holds, in fact, it’s got us thinking…..what did we want to be when we were younger? Read on to find out!

  Alisha Osten – I was around 8 in this picture and I wanted to be a nurse!







 Laura Bauer – In Junior High, I thought it would be really cool to be an Olympic skier  – specifically the downhill moguls.






Vince DiGiorno – I wanted to be a cook at Royal Castle;  a fast food chain based in  Miami with only one store left today. I don’t know why!






 Jim Krech – I wanted to be a forester. Still do!







Steve Iaria – Not only did I want to be a professional baseball player but I wanted to  play shortstop for the New York Mets.






 Dan Jaeger – I guess I wanted to be a firefighter at this age, can you tell?







Cindy Nagel – I wanted to be a ballerina! I was quite serious about it from the time I  can remember until age 13 when we moved to England and logistics prevented me from continuing.






Marc DuBois – I was about 6 when I got my first Lego set for Christmas…I didn’t  really know what an architect was at the time, but after that, I always wanted to be  doing something involving buildings.






 Brian Riley – I wanted to be an astronaut!







 Michael Lisowski – Even at an early age, I wanted to be an engineer.







 Mindy Homer – When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a nurse.







 Kevin Dummer – I knew since I was very young I wanted to do something with  architecture or construction. I loved building with anything from legos to blocks to  snow to clay to building models – I even made beams out of paper!