Steve graduated from North Dakota State University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in science in environmental design and a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Steve started at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates in the summer of 2000. In 2008, Steve passed his last architecture registration exam and became a licensed architect in Minnesota.


Why architecture?

Being able to contribute ideas and design to the built environment has always excited me and of course having a deep appreciation for how these things are constructed/assembled adds to this excitement.

Favorite restaurant/ bar?

La Grolla in Cathedral Hill St. Paul.  It’s located just blocks away from me and my wife’s first place together and before we had kids it was a great place to eat, drink, laugh, and dream.

Your iTunes library includes…

Martin Sexton, Alabama Shakes, Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, My Morning Jacket, Mason Jennings, Jason Isbell.  Hard to pick these out since there’s so much more I could rattle off but it gives a good sense of the variety I listen to. 

What is your favorite movie and/or movie quote?

Godfather I&II – such classic mob movies with so much depth to them that I never get tired of binge watching these.