Sean migrated from central Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Sean joined the KOMA family in April of 2019 and brought with him his structural and architectural experience in wastewater, industrial, commercial, residential, mixed-use, and education markets.


What about design led you to pursue a career in this field?

I’ve love sliding between structural and architectural realms of the diamond absolute and the tactile; I think that is partly why I enjoy visiting cathedrals where there is a merging of the two. What makes my day is when I am able to help develop a client’s and colleague’s vision into built form.

Your iTunes library includes…

iTunes, what’s that? More often than not I am dialed in to SoundCloud discovering new robot music or FIP radio for its eclectic playlists. However, if you peek into my music library you’re going to find goodies like Stuart Dempster, Richard D. James, Cliff Clavin, Anna Moffo, Lead Belly, and Ben Webster, and a lot of other weird stuff.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Generally anytime I can get out and rely on human powered transportation instead of a car is a vacation. Loch Lomond, Scotland (ancestral stomping grounds), Copenhagen and Malaga have been my favorite walkabout spots. I had great fortune to visit each for a day or three, and I would love to return and explore some more. 

Where else would you like to travel…

Japan, the greater US to see different flora / fauna (I have yet to see a paw paw, a pecan grove, or an orange grove in bloom), Toronto, Montreal, Scandinavia and other cold places

When you’re not at work you like to…

I enjoy board games, birding, biking, getting outdoors in general, and sometimes I like to pretend I can cook.