Samantha graduated from North Dakota State University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and went on to complete her master’s degree in 2017. She spent the summer of 2016 as an intern at KOMA and returned in June after her masters program as a full time employee.


What do you enjoy most about working at KOMA?

I enjoy the collective personality of KOMA. I appreciate the friendly and positive group of people I work with; they make a fun and encouraging environment. Something I realized as a recent graduate entering the workforce is the fact that I spend more of my day with coworkers than I do with my family. The funny thing is I’m ok with it, because of the supportive and positive environment created here at work.


What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

My favorite project I have worked on so far would have to be Lino Lakes Elementary. I came into the project with much of the design already decided on besides a few details, but I got to participate in group charrettes, put together idea boards for the clients, create renderings, and go to site visits. Now that the project is being built I am able to go see the construction process from the beginning to end. It was just fun to see a lot of the development from when I started to where it is now.


Your travel bucket list includes…

The number one place I would like to visit would be Greece. I have seen it in movies and read about it in books; it seems like a beautiful place with interesting people. Everything from their food to their architectural design to their fabrics intrigues me and I cannot wait to go someday.


What is your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Seattle WA, no question, it has everything I love when on a vacation. Most importantly it has mild weather all year round but it also has ocean, mountains, and city all within a short drive. I love the camping and hiking but I also love the city life, it truly is the best of both worlds in my eyes.