Izzie was born in  2011, she came to KOMA (via the Muellers) from Cannon Falls to take the place of the former office companion Bimmer.  Izzie’s areas of practice include business development, greeter and paw shaker. Izzie spends her days at the office either gaining additional business knowledge or sleeping. With a bed under both Brady and Jim’s desk, she is scouting out her ideal spot for the future.


What do you like about working at KOMA?

Working at KOMA has made me realize that there is more to life than just watching squirrels…….I want to be president of the company someday. I’m very good at sleeping at the office just like Jim and Brady do all day long.

Favorite restaurant?

Izzy’s Ice Cream which is located right next door to my home. I love when Izzy’s sponsors “dog days” in our neighborhood with free ice cream to all dogs.

iTunes library includes:

The only tunes that turn my head is opera music…….I love the singing fat lady. I could listen for hours to this type of music.

Favorite movie?

Marley & Me, Turner & Hooch and Old Yeller. My favorite quote is “woof woof” 

Favorite vacation spot…

Marley’s house in St. Anthony, MN. I get to stay there for several weeks every time my owners go to Mexico.