Every year we talk about what our InterKOM message should be during the holiday season. There’s so much we could cover: we could detail our current projects, hint at the exciting work on the schedule for 2014, retell old stories about the early days of the company, reminisce about the time Brady and I got run-for-the-woods sick after laughingly agreeing to try some Cuban cigars, and on and on.

But every December, we realize that this is a time of the year where what we really need to do is take a step back and take a good, deep breath. It is, after all, the holiday season. This is the time of year – we feel, at least – to slow down, to say thanks, to appreciate all the good things in our lives.

And so, we decided to make this InterKOM a little bit more old-fashioned… a little bit simpler… a little less hustle-and-bustle and a little more peace-on-earth.

We’ll return to our full-blown InterKOM posts next month with Marc DuBois in the author’s chair. But for now, let us wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful holiday season.

From all of us at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, happy holidays and all the best in the coming year!

(Oh, want to see something fun? Check out the behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot for our Christmas card!)