Gopher Resource – Scrubber Enclosure

685 Yankee Doodle Road, Eagan, MN

Project Team

This 105 foot tall building is designed to enclose air scrubber equipment which filters hazardous elements from the exhaust air generated from an adjacent battery recycling processing facility. Located in an urban environment, the exterior needed to be aesthetically pleasing and used an insulated metal panel system with integrated windows, fins, and deep accented louvers that blended into the existing facility. The project posed a number of challenges including poor soils at the site which required Rammed Aggregate Piers (Geopiers) to be used. A physical connection 75 feet above ground also needed to be designed to connect the enclosure structure to a new smoke stack, while considering the stack could move 4+” in any direction due to wind conditions. The structural support was also a challenge, designing air ducts that needed to consider axial and wind loads as well as differential movement within the soils.