Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

Project Team

Carhartt recently started developing branded stores and in 2012 opened a location at Mall of America.  KOMA worked closely with Rocky Creek Ltd. to fit the Carhartt brand into the existing space.  The design concept was influenced by the rugged look of old factories and warehouses.  To accomplish this, distressed and reclaimed materials such as steel, wood, and concrete were used on the storefront and throughout the interior.  Illuminated acrylic panels set in steel frames were used down the center of the store to give the appearance of skylights used in early 20th century factory buildings.  The blend of these finishes and details along with custom built merchandising by Rocky Creek accomplished a store look that suited Carhartt’s needs and reinforced their brand.

Rocky Creek Ltd. is responsible for design concept, fixture design & manufacturing, and is responsible for construction management for Carhartt stores nationwide.