September 2011 – Inver Grove Heights, Minn. – A space only becomes whole once the various components that will occupy the space have been placed. Furniture turns an empty shell into something usable. Blank floor plans receive shape, texture and purpose. But who decides what furniture will be purchased? How do you know what will fit in the space as well as serve the intended purpose?

Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates offers furniture consultation, selection and design. KOMA’s interior designers have experience selecting furniture for a wide array of spaces and have a wealth of options at their disposal.

“We really enjoy doing furniture selection,” says Cindy Nagel. “After designing a space, it’s great to be able to pull it all together with furniture and put on the finishing touches. It brings our original vision for the space full circle and makes for a cohesive overall package.”

When thinking about furniture, colors and finishes are a natural starting point, based on the client’s brand and identity, but many factors come into play. “The biggest hurdle is budget,” says Nagel, “but we’re committed to finding solutions within each client’s price range. We have a myriad of options at our fingertips.”

Nagel also stresses the importance of balancing form and function. “The right furniture certainly enhances a beautiful space aesthetically, but it can also improve productivity. Conversely, the wrong furniture can be a huge detriment to productivity. Furniture has to be functional and ergonomics are key – the aesthetic is the third consideration.”

By working with dealers who have vast resources of furniture types and styles, KOMA’s designers are able to find the right pieces to fit clients’ needs. Whether the space calls for open office systems furniture or desks for private offices, lobby chairs or medical surfaces, form and function go hand-in-hand. Nagel continues, “If we are unable to find the right furniture for the project, we can also design custom pieces to fulfill the specific need. We make sure we start with the big picture and then work down to the details. How will the furniture be used? Does it need to be flexible? What image does it portray? Privacy, acoustics, user comfort, finishes and fabrics must all be considered. We help clients work through all these issues and more, then make recommendations that will achieve the desired result.”