On behalf of engineers everywhere, I’d like to set the record straight. We are not all dull, pocket-protector, tape on your glasses, introverted geeks. Oh, no. Many of us are, in fact, quite pleasant.

When it comes to structural engineering, you can have it all. At Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, of course we provide first-rate engineering services. Of course, we are problem solvers. Of course, we handle commercial, municipal and residential work. But we do so much more.

As one of our clients, who was recently required to go another direction with engineering work, said to me, “They were okay, but they’re no KOMA.” I confess, it brought a smile to my face. We pride ourselves on being a cut above. We value clients who value collaboration. We appreciate clients who are looking for a firm that has the experience to anticipate the speed bumps. We thrive with client partners who recognize that we all have egos, but that some of us are able to set those egos aside for the good of the project. And, besides the quality, we are just darn fun to work with.

We pride ourselves on giving you our all … and giving our all to each and every project. Looking for a firm that has quality minds, diligent workers and is fun to boot? Give us a call.

[Mike Lisowski and his KOMA engineering colleagues recently presented at the Annual Institute for Building Officials. The presentation was both thrilling and thought provoking. Learn more about the event, and see the presentation notes.]