February 2013 – Savage, Minn. – When SICK, Inc. a leading manufacturer of factory and process automation technology needed additional space, their construction partners (PCL Construction) recommended the architects and interior designers at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller and Associates to assist in the process.

In an effort to create more available space at the US headquarters, SICK was tasked with relocating their manufacturing operation to another building located in Savage.  PCL Construction and KOMA worked together early in the design process to align client expectations to pre-determined project budgets.  The 50,000 square foot facility included office, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces.  Highlights within the design include a Cafeteria that offers “bold” branding elements providing visibility from across the manufacturing areas.  Also, an abundance of natural light washes into the open office space due to full height glass partitions used at the private offices along the perimeter walls.

To better communicate the design with the client, KOMA provided 3-dimensional walk-through’s created by KOMA designer, Kevin Dummer.  “With the parent company of SICK located in Germany, these visuals played a vital role in planning the design. It allowed them to be a part of the process and see what the space looked like in different stages. They received two different models; the first allowed them to walk through the model themselves, using the mouse and arrows to control where they went in the space. This allowed them to explore their new location and get a feel for the layout. The second model was a predetermined route but included the finishes and lighting. With integrated details and customization this walkthrough gave a feeling of ownership and personalization to the space.”



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