It’s springtime! A time of renewal, rebirth and fresh starts. A time to take a deep breath, stretch out our legs and get back outside. It’s in this springtime spirit that I share some exciting news with you.

As of April 1, I will be retiring from my current role as a principal at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates. While I will miss my colleagues, clients, and yes, even my work, the time is right and I am truly excited about this new phase in my life.

Why retire now? Well, a couple important events are falling into place for my wife and me. The first is that the house we’ve been working on “up north” is now nearly complete and waiting for us to become more full-time occupants. The second is that the timing is also right for my wife to retire now, and the idea of being able to do so together makes both of us smile.

Additionally – and as importantly – I feel I can make this move now because of the supreme confidence I have in my colleagues and the future of KOMA. Quite simply, I’m leaving you in good hands.

Over the last six years, Jim Krech, Brady Mueller and I (the “whitehairs”) have been working with our younger KOMA architects and engineers to implement a transition plan. Our intention has been to develop our future leaders from within and pass on the skills necessary for them to guide the company well into the future. We are confident the leaders we have carefully chosen will operate the company with the same honesty and integrity that Jim, Brady and I have for the past 27 years. I am very happy to have seen the progress that the new generation of KOMA leaders has shown and I know they are ready to assume leadership roles.

Marc DuBois and Steve Iaria – two excellent architects and important players in KOMA’s future – will take over and drive forward my existing projects. They have an excellent understanding and knowledge of my past and current projects and I have tremendous faith in their abilities to partner with you on any future projects. They are also taking on my management responsibilities as officers of the company.

Will I be disappearing completely? Not quite. I expect to remain involved with KOMA on a limited basis, acting in a consultant role. Jim and Brady will continue to head up the management team at the company for the foreseeable future. I am exceedingly confident that – under their leadership together with the next generation of KOMA partners – you will remain extremely well served.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for these past many years. I am very excited to be able to move into the next stage of my life, and I am even more excited to know that I am leaving behind a very strong, stable, and successful company – one built on the principles of family, honesty and integrity.  I am very proud of KOMA, and feel confident they will continue to provide valuable services for you long into the future.