September, 2009 – Woodbury, MN – Woodbury High School and Woodbury Middle School recently completed major renovations and the associated mechanical balancing to open for the 2009-10 academic year. Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, Inc., provided structural engineering, architectural and interior design services for the major remodeling to the schools and worked closely throughout the design process under mechanical engineering firm and longtime partner Martin Pevzner Engineering. In both cases, the driving force behind the improvements was the desire to enhance air quality throughout the schools and to significantly improve upon the performance and durability of the mechanical and air-handling equipment.

KOMA architect Marc DuBois, AIA, said, “Removing the old, inefficient mechanical systems that were in place and installing new, state-of-the-art equipment is another way to be a responsible user of energy and resources. The leadership at South Washington County Schools saw both the short-term and long-term benefits of updating their systems now.”

DuBois continued, “Rethinking the best locations for the air-handling equipment, bringing it to the interior of the buildings, required us to reallocate some space. This gave us the opportunity to update some rooms and areas to be more ‘user friendly,’ more aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately more conducive to educating Woodbury’s students.”

For the high school, significant work was done in the mechanical areas and ceilings – necessary to accommodate updated ductwork – along with restroom improvements. Visitors to the school will more readily notice the impressive entry into the activities wing that connects the cafeteria and fieldhouse, along with a new, tiered, theater-style design for an updated lecture hall and an improved gymnastics gym.

In the case of the middle school, there were improvements to mechanical rooms, ceilings and restrooms, as in the high school, but the most noticeable work occurred in newly created classroom space, remodeled restrooms, and an impressive remodel of the pool area.

DuBois commented, “This is gratifying work because we’ve had a chance to drastically improve the performance of the mechanical systems in the schools while also having a real impact on the spaces where the students spend substantial amounts of time. Our work will make an immediate difference, but also one that will be felt far down the road.”