July 2014 – Minneapolis, Minn. – The veterinary industry is one that continues to grow as pet ownership is on the rise across the country. As a result, many clinic owners are looking to re-design their space for optimum functionality. Two such clinics in the Twin Cities are in the process of doing just that with the help of the design team at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates (KOMA).

The Veterinary Hospitals Association (VHA) is a local co-op for veterinary supplies and services. This year they launched Operation Renovation giving one clinic in the Twin Cities the opportunity to receive donated professional products and services including design, construction, marketing, and technology. (To read more on Operation Renovation, click here.) The winner of the assessment was Ark Pet Hospital located in New Brighton. Currently under construction, the goal was to give this clinic more efficient use of its current space. Within the front lobby and retail area is a new front desk and separate waiting areas for patients with dogs and patients with cats. Custom built shelving and lighting to highlight products were also added. In addition, space in the rest of the clinic was consolidated giving way for an additional exam room, break room and doctor write-up areas. “This has been a really fun project to work on and such a unique experience,” said KOMA designer Laura Bauer. “All of us from Operation Renovation worked as a team and we really learned a lot about all aspects of making a clinic successful and functional, apart from solely the design aspect.”



Also undergoing a re-design is Oak Knoll Animal Hospital located in St. Louis Park. Rather than remodeling the existing location, Oak Knoll is relocating its clinic to a newly purchased building just down the street from their current location. The 3500-square-foot space will be completely gutted and reconfigured to accommodate exam rooms, a surgery suite, dog runs, an isolation ward, lobby and retail area. Located off a busy street, one of the goals of the project is to add some visual interest to the storefront. Another is to create an inviting lobby space and bring in natural light. Architect Steve Iaria notes, “Even though one clinic is a remodel and one is a new build-out, both projects have a similarity in creating a space that is welcoming and inviting to clients but also functions at a high level for the doctors.”