July, 2009 – Inver Grove Heights, MN – Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates recently celebrated 10 years of partnership with Albert J. Lauer, Inc., a family-owned company specializing in the design, manufacturing and building of aluminum-framed greenhouses.

KOMA structural engineer Matthew Van Hoof, PE, said, “One of the reasons this partnership has worked so well is that KOMA and Albert J. Lauer, Inc. are so similar. We both offer high-end, detail-oriented services with an eye toward meeting customer needs, but we both also appreciate the need for structures that meet environmental needs and stand the test of time.”

Albert J. Lauer, Inc., builds custom greenhouse structures for garden centers, growers, research facilities and educational institutions. KOMA assists by providing engineering drawings and calculations among other services for projects located throughout the United States and Canada.

Said Van Hoof, “Our skills and background working with aluminum design make us the perfect fit for the types of structures that Albert J. Lauer, Inc. are producing.”

KOMA has worked on a number and variety of projects with the greenhouse producer, ranging from Gertens Garden Center and Nathes 101 Market to structures at Northern Michigan University and Grinnell College. Currently, the two firms are partnering on projects for New Richmond High School (Wisc.) and Marine Biological Laboratory (Mass.).