January 2010 – Bloomington, MN – This spring, a new exhibit will captivate visitors to Underwater Adventures at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. – and the architects at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller and Associates are bringing it to life.

Six unusual jellyfish tanks will be the focal point, and visitors will experience the majesty of exotic jellyfish varieties during guided tours through the new exhibit. Mirrors and creative lighting set the tone for this close-up encounter with the famed sea creatures.

KOMA is partnering with Kay Elliott Architects, a U.K.-based firm that drafted the design concepts. “The design calls for a room lined with mirrors, jagged-edged walls, tall cylindrical glass tanks, and creative lighting effects with iridescent colors,” said Steve Iaria, architect at KOMA. “It won’t be a maze, but the mirrors and lighting effects in the dark exhibit will give the illusion of magnifying the space.”

KOMA’s role as the architect of record is to turn Kay Elliott’s design into a workable project, including construction documents and site visits. Work is currently underway, and the exhibit is expected to open before Easter. Since the beginning of KOMA’s partnership with Mall of America in 2006, they have completed over 20 major renovation and structural engineering projects.