April, 2008 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates’ client Joffe Medi-Center recently opened their first Minnesota laser vision correction and laser beauty enhancement facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The renovation of the 8,100-square foot facility was designed under the direction of Craig Joffe. The design team included Ole Sondresen, design architect (NY), and Daniel O’Brien (vice president and principal) and Laura Bauer (interior design) from Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates. The project was constructed under the supervision of Petar Poucki, Strategic Construction Services, Inc. (MN).

Unique in its design aesthetic, the Joffe Medi-Center offers a tranquil approach to high-tech medical treatments. The quiet lighting, soft wood screenings, natural flooring materials, and focus on the seasons of the inner courtyard create a calming environment to enhance the personalized experience.

The design of the facility accommodates two new lasers, seven exam rooms, three pre/post-op rooms, three spa rooms, and a large reception area.