Late this summer I finally pulled the plug and began a re-design in my home kitchen. My youngest son is graduating high school this coming June and we all know that means hosting a party, so what better excuse! I couldn’t wait to bring the design process I use every day at the office into my own home and get to be the client as well as the designer. Projects as you know are never as simple as they seem at first glance and this one was no exception. But I’m a firm believer that with a little space planning and a creative approach, a space can be completely transformed into something new without a large amount of time, labor, or cost. 

Prior to the renovation I knew I needed two things: updated cabinets…and more of them! The solid surface counter tops in my kitchen meant an expensive overhaul if I replaced the base cabinets, so instead I decided to stain the base cabinets black, keep the counter tops,  and replace the outdated upper cabinets with something more modern. We talked about bumping out the house to make more space, but that meant a new roof, insulation and a lot of other additional work, so instead we took a patio door in our kitchen which led to a deck that fit one person… standing (no joke!) and had it filled in. It was an easy way to create more wall space and be able to extend the cabinetry and counter space. I still have yet to paint – or do a backsplash – as you can see in the picture below! But in reality, those few changes completely transformed the way my kitchen looks and functions.


It really isn’t all that different with my clients. I may be doing a dental clinic or an animal hospital instead of a home kitchen, but the concept that the little things make a huge difference remains the same. Space planning is a big component of this, and so are finishes.  Ark Pet Hospital recently underwent a gifted makeover with Operation Renovation, in this small remodeling project we touched almost every space in the clinic; we turned the office into a break room and the hallway into an office. We re-worked space that was already there and were able to give the clinic more rooms, more space, more functionality. We also switched out some of the paint and finishes and added a few new pieces such as a reception desk to completely change the look, making it feel like a brand new clinic. To read more on the Ark Pet Makeover, click here

Reconfiguring space and updating surfaces can make changes that are really incredible. With a little planning ahead and getting a vision for the big picture you can transform not only the aesthetic of a space but the function of it. I love this part of my job, I love that spaces don’t always require huge adjustments; it’s the little things that make a huge difference!