September, 2014 – Inver Grove Heights, MN – As students across the region have recently begun a new school year, Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates (KOMA) is putting the finishing touches on designs which will renovate six elementary schools over the course of the next two years.  KOMA continues to play a major role in upgrading local schools, using all of their service areas – structural engineering, architectural and interior design.

The current work is centered within the South Washington County School District – ISD 833 – where KOMA has been partnering with mechanical engineering firm Martin Pevzner Engineering to serve over the last 10 years.

At Grey Cloud Elementary School, located in Cottage Grove, a new front entry will be added to create a more secure entry and flow of students, staff, and visitors.  Also, the administrative spaces – main office, principal, nurse, workroom, and conferencing/offices – will be relocated to the new additions.  Altogether this will create a new, welcoming, secure entry to the school.  This work is being done in conjunction with a complete overhaul of the mechanical systems and will be constructed over the course of the next two summers.


Nearly identical work will be completed at Middleton and Bailey Elementary schools in Woodbury. The other three school additions which are currently on the boards at KOMA are located at Red Rock, Cottage Grove, and Liberty Ridge Elementary Schools.  This work entails a similar front security/administration addition to the ones slated for Grey Cloud, Middleton, and Bailey.  These additions will be constructed in the summer of 2015.