Recently, KOMA Interior Designers Cindy Nagel, Laura Bauer and Angie Rohlen sat down to share their thoughts on the hot trends in interior design. The conversation veered from colors to textures to furniture and fixtures. Below is a portion of that conversation…

 Q: What’s ‘hot’ right now in Interior Design?

Where do we even begin?! There have been exciting trends emerging in every aspect of design from space layout to material, from color to lighting, from texture to pattern. Here are just a few that seem to be getting much of the attention:

– Open space.  Space planning is one of the most important components in design and there’s an apparent shift in how clients envision their workspaces. Plans are more open and the traditional cubicles are being replaced with open desking systems. Glass panels are replacing walls, creating a more open feel and promoting more communication and collaboration among co-workers.

–  LED Lighting is playing a larger role in design as it becomes more affordable. With all the recent innovations, it is an amazing source of possibility and creativity. When it comes to the fixture side of lighting, oversized drum fixtures are especially hot and in many cases have become the stars of the show.

– “Green” continues to be big, bringing the outdoors inside with organic graphics. Wall coverings and carpet tiles, vinyl floor coverings and ceramic tiles – these materials mimic stone, wood, grass and water. Everything in the industry from visuals to colors to graphics are inspired by nature.

Texture is everywhere! One favorite example is the Soelberg Industries Sculpted MDF, which can be used in a variety of applications from wall coverings to cabinetry and so much more.

Q: What influences these trends?

With so many companies going paperless, design is inevitably impacted. People do not need as much extra storage and filing space. Fewer file cabinets and less storage space means more square footage. Computer equipment is also much sleeker and compact allowing furniture to be smaller.

Inevitably, the economy also influences trends. And in some ways the design community takes a harder hit. The manufacturers have been responsive in bringing quality but affordable products for the end user. This helps us as designers to source cost-effective options. We have learned to use space and materials creatively to stretch our clients’ dollars without sacrificing aesthetic.

Q: Your favorite trend is…

Angie: Rectangular carpet tiles! I have been enjoying this new format and all of the installation possibilities.

Cindy: I love all the texture and I’m excited to utilize new products in innovative and unexpected applications.

Laura: Tangerine Tango!

Q: Speaking of Tangerine Tango, it is the Pantone color of the year. Thoughts?

We like it! It is by far our favorite nail polish color at the moment (laugh).

Look at it from a fashion standpoint and it’s a great color! But in regards to commercial design it has limited application – trendy colors can be difficult in creating a space that will look fresh for 10-20 years. While we’re aware of the trends in color, we can’t simply and blindly rely on trends because our clients’ brand is ultimately what drives the color decision.

If you’re itching to use the color like (KOMA principal and architect) Brady Mueller, it’s perfect for an accent wall or accessory that is easily switched out every year or so.