April 2010 – Inver Grove Heights, MN – Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates recently announced their involvement with a local bulk storage facility as its managers embark on a proactive preventative maintenance program. The facility, owned and operated by a large national producer of agriculture-related products, put forth the endeavor in an effort to identify and correct potential facility infrastructure issues prior to them becoming hazardous or affecting day-to-day operations.


KOMA Structural Engineer Michael Lisowski, PE, said, “We applaud our client for having the forethought to initiate a preventative maintenance program like this. At facilities like this one, the structures are subject to a wide variety of stresses, and periodic assessment can help to identify and correct small issues before they become more major. This helps keep the facility safe for personnel and can keep repair costs down, as well.”

As part of the assessment, Lisowski and KOMA Structural Engineer and Principal Jim Krech, PE, spent multiple days on-site, reviewing various structures and the equipment that interacts with them. Lisowski said, “Basically we’re doing a broad review of the facility, looking at the structural stability of equipment and the associated supports. Our goal is to identify points of weakness or deterioration so that we can strengthen or repair those points before they become larger concerns.”


Lisowski continued, “This is an older facility with several older buildings, and – while the site and facility have been very well maintained – equipment and the stresses they put on the supporting structures have changed significantly since many of the buildings were first put up. This can sometimes translate to more rapid deterioration or weakening of the supports, which is why the facility managers wanted our involvement in this maintenance program. They really are focused on the long-term … making sure that this facility is safe and functional long into the future.”