June 2010 – South Washington County, Minn. – Longtime Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates partner Kraus-Anderson announced recently that it is working with The Audubon Society of Minnesota to ensure that South Washington County chimney swifts can continue to find shelter in the area even as aged school chimneys are capped. KOMA and Kraus-Anderson are involved in a number of projects for the South Washington County Independent School District 833, some of which involve the cutting down and capping of old-fashioned smokestacks or chimneys.

Working with The Audubon Society of Minnesota and the school district, Kraus-Anderson has developed a “pseudo tower that looks like a chimney,” said project manager Terry Thompson. Each tower will be able to accommodate up to 30 swifts.

KOMA architect Marc DuBois, AIA, said, “The chimney swift tower development is a great example of why we place such high value on our relationship with Kraus-Anderson. Their approach and philosophy match up perfectly with ours here at KOMA. Again and again they’ve committed to the school district their interest in making sure the projects are considered from a number of angles and that the improvements happen responsibly.”

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