Eric has had the opportunity to experience many places throughout his education and architectural career. He started out with an Economics degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas. Then received his Masters of Architecture from Syracuse in New York. He travelled to Boise Idaho to live and work for the first 5-1/2 years of his career and has enjoyed the last 4-1/2 years here in Minnesota.


Why architecture?

I enjoy the initial communication of goals, interactive discovery and collaborative problem solving of architecture.

What inspires you?

Talking with diverse groups of people in diverse settings.

Your travel bucket list includes…

Czechoslovakia, Albania, Romania, Latvia, Slovakia, Iran, Russia, Patagonia….places off the beaten path.

Your iTunes library inclues…

It would be full of podcasts: Philosophize This!, Hidden Brain, On Being, Lore – mostly podcasts about why we do what we do.