Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates offers comprehensive architectural, structural engineering and interior design services.

We create inspiring, functional, people-oriented structures and spaces to meet the varied needs of a broad spectrum of organizations and industries. Our wide-ranging project experience reflects our delight in rising to the unique challenges of each new assignment and exceeding the expectations of each new client.

Partnering to meet your goals

Our goal is to provide each of our clients with inspired vision, extraordinary expertise, and disciplined execution to meet their project goals. We excel at concept-to-completion projects, where our architects, engineers, designers, and planners manage the project from the word “go.” In other instances, we work as a partner, where our expertise and skills serve to help connect the dots – to fill in the blanks – in ongoing projects, or in the case of a complex, multi-faceted development.

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A Cross-Industry Approach

At Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, we believe that practicing in a wide variety of industries fosters fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and a dynamic energy not possible in turn-the-crank-and-punch-it-out settings. Additionally, we feel that our broad experience helps inform the planning and execution phases of our projects—pitfalls and speed bumps in one industry often can be seen in another – thus making the entire endeavor more efficient.

Because of our cross-industry approach, our clients represent a wide range of industries: industrial, retail, restaurant and hospitality, corporate and professional services, faith-based, health care, municipal, agricultural, and veterinary.

From Nickelodeon Universe to Old Dutch Foods, from Bremer Banks to the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Center, from Holy Trinity Catholic Church of South St. Paul to Dunn Bros. Coffee, from Great Clips Corporate to the Minnesota Zoo, from the City of Minneapolis to Cargill, our clients each greatly benefit from our experience both inside and outside their specific industry.

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