Leanne M. Freed

Interior Designer

Leanne graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin Stout. “When I was younger and told people I wanted to get a degree in Interior Design, I heard a resounding response: ‘Well then you’ll go to Stout – right!?!’  It seemed clear to me that the local reputation was there and once I toured the campus I knew the program was a good fit for me.”  Leanne joined the KOMA team in early February of 2015.



What inspires you?

Art always inspires me.  Whether it is fine art or the simple art of nature.  I tend to gravitate to whatever creates an emotional reaction.  Interior design evokes a response and forms an identity within a building.  Being an Interior Designer, I find satisfaction in seeing enthusiastic responses of others interacting in a well-designed space.

Your travel bucket list includes…

I have an extensive travel bucket list that I’ve been dreaming up since I was in elementary school –  I was fascinated by different cultures.  I have had the opportunity to visit countries and monuments you see in movies – like the Eiffel tower.  I have also been to far away countries that I knew little of – like Djibouti, Africa.  The more I see, the more I wish to discover! 

What’s next?

First and foremost next on my list – Buenos Aires!  Restaurants, romance, nightlife and artistry are commonly the main elements I seek out for any destination.  However, it is a particular sculptural piece, “Floralis Generica” – or Steel Flower as it is typically called, that I am most interested in viewing.  The gigantic flower sits in the center of the city and its large petals operate as a live flower;  they move to open in the morning and close at night.

When you’re not at work you like to…

When I’m not at work I am most likely checking out a new restaurant, art exhibit, brewery or winery (depending on the season).  In the summer I love anything water related.  Even though winter isn’t my favorite, I am trying to enjoy the season more and like to ice skate & snowboard.  I’ve been ice skating since I was little and feel pretty confident on a pair of skates. However, I have learned that it’s a little more painful trying to master snowboarding!  I always tell myself there’s next year…


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