James H. Krech, PE

Founding Partner | Consultant Engineer

Jim graduated from the University of Minnesota with distinction in 1972. He has enjoyed practicing structural engineering for the last 38 years. Prior to being a founding partner of Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates, Inc. in 1985 he was manager of the A/E Department at Cenex. In his early career years he was mentored at Horty, Elving & Associates and Meyer, Borgman & Johnson.


What do you enjoy most about KOMA?

The personal relationships with clients and employees (the donuts are good too)

Favorite movie?

Man From Snowy River & Lord of the Rings

When you’re not at work you…

In the summer I play golf and use my sawmill, in the winter it’s puzzles and reading.

Favorite vacation spot?

My front porch with my wife. It overlooks the woods and lake I grew up on. 



InterKOM Articles

November 2014 – Minneapolis, Minn. – I can thankfully say there are a lot of rewarding aspects to my profession, but one of the most fulfilling for me is the relationships that have formed with colleagues and clients over the past 41 years.  Many of these individuals have not only become lasting clients or business partners but also friends. Rosemary McMonigal of McMonigal Architects is one of these individuals with whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the majority of my career with. She is a talented and hardworking entrepreneur who was kind enough to sit down over breakfast at one of our usual spots and take a look back on it all.

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Short, Slow and Sweet

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An Old-Timer in Fall

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A Simple Thank You.

As we wrap up a year’s worth of celebrating our 25th anniversary in business, I’m uncertain whether I should be tired or energized. On the one hand, that’s one long party! On the other, it’s heart-warming to consider all the wonderful clients and friends we’ve connected with throughout the years. More »

A Farm Kid in Spring

Spring is in the air, and – like any farm kid – my thoughts turn to fertile soil, rolling hills and planting crops.

I grew up right here in Inver Grove Heights … right in this neighborhood. More »

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