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A New Way of Banking

March 2017 – Minneapolis, Minn. – New trends are revolutionizing the banking industry and Wings Financial Credit Union is committing to the change. With the help of the interior designers at Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates (KOMA), the team is developing a series of new prototypes and prototypical elements to introduce into Wings’ new and existing branches – dedicating themselves to the bank of the future, implementing emerging technologies and the design innovations that support them.

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Learning a Different Language

When I paused to take inventory of professional goals, designing my own home was not high on that list. As a long-time commercial architect, I last designed a house as an assignment in college, but through various twists and turns I’ve found myself doing it again – this time for myself. It has been an unpredictable process that brought this about and through it I’ve learned many things and ended up with even more stories.

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